State MGMA Survey Participation

2018 MGMA State Salary Survey

Participation has never been easier.

Only members of State MGMA may participate in the 2018 MGMA State Salary Survey. Please note that this is an abridged version of the 2018 Compensation and Production Survey that collects data on annual and hourly compensation for medical practice leadership and support staff only. To submit data for providers, or to gain access to more benchmarks and filters for management and staff data, state members may choose to participate in the Compensation and Production Survey.

Participation resources

The 2018 MGMA State Salary Survey can be accessed using the link provided by your State MGMA. You must be logged in to mgma.com to start your survey - if you do not already have an account, please create one at mgma.com. (This account is free to set-up). To help you prepare beforehand, we’ve created the documents below:


State survey participation contest

The state with the greatest percentage increase in participation of the Provider Compensation and Production Survey and Cost and Revenue Survey, as well as the state with the greatest overall increase in participation of these surveys, will receive the following benefits:

  • Recognition on the MGMA National website;
  • A certificate acknowledging the state’s participation accomplishments;
  • A trophy to display at your State MGMA Offices; the trophy will be presented at the 2018 State Leadership Conference in January; and
  • A web banner acknowledging the state’s participation accomplishments to post to the organization’s website.


2017 State participation contest winners will be announced soon!

The MGMA 2018 State Salary Survey is open until Feb. 16th!