2018 State Salary Survey Guide

Due Date: February 16, 2018

This document is intended to serve as a guide for completing the MGMA 2018 State Salary Survey. An explanation of each survey question and the provided answer options are included. For additional participation resources, including FAQs, Excel Survey help, change notices and participation benefits, check out our Survey Participation Resources page.

Getting Started:

  • You have received a special link to the 2018 State Salary Survey, but will still have to log-in with your MGMA account to access the survey portal. If you don’t have an MGMA account, please set up a free account by selecting Create an Account.
  • You must accept the legal agreement and answer the practice profile information before completing staff information for this survey.
  • Please provide the requested information on your organization to the extent you can provide it. The quality of our reported results depends upon the completeness and accuracy of every response.
  • Questions with an asterisk * are required. Questionnaires with required questions left blank may not be eligible for submission.
  • Survey participants receive free access to the results of the survey they participate in through MGMA DataDive. Please note: by participating in the 2018 State Salary Survey you will receive state-specific results to the questions that you answer. If you would like to receive full access to the results, including national and state-specific data, please participate in the full 2018 Management and Staff Compensation Survey by logging in at data.mgma.org

Guide Contents:

Expanding Item - View More  Practice Information

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Expanding Item - View More  Staff Information

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