What is MGMA Stat? ​

MGMA Stat delivers polls on top healthcare issues each week straight to your phone via text message, making it easy to join in the conversation with thousands of your peers from across the country. As a participant, you receive the poll results just two days later, along with related content to help you put the data into action.

Do I have to be an MGMA member to participate?

No, you do not have to be an MGMA member to participate in MGMA Stat polls. MGMA Stat is open to all healthcare users and industry professionals, from administrators to patients to consultants. The only requirement for participation is that you opt in with a cell phone that can receive both SMS and MMS messages. 

How do I become an MGMA Stat participant? 

To join MGMA Stat, simply text the keyword "MGMASTAT" to the number "33550". You will then receive a "Thank-you" message confirming you have joined MGMA Stat.  You'll received your first MGMA Stat poll on the next Tuesday. 

Is it free to participate in MGMA Stat

Because MGMA Stat polls are conducted via text message, the cost of participating will depend on your phone's current text message and data plan. For the majority of participants, there is no cost to participate in MGMA Stat polls. If you are unsure whether your plan covers text messages and data, please contact your cell phone service provider for details. 

How many polls will I receive as an MGMA Stat participant? 

As an MGMA Stat participant, you'll typically receive just one poll every Tuesday. However, we may release up to two polls in a week depending on current events in the healthcare industry. 

Can I opt out of MGMA Stat?

​Yes, you may opt out of MGMA Stat  at any time by texting the keyword "STOP" to the number "33550". Once you opt out, you will stop receiving weekly polls from MGMA Stat. To opt back in, simply text the keyword "MGMASTAT" to the number "33550". 

Am I able to suggest questions for MGMA Stat polls? 

​Yes, you may suggest questions for future MGMA Stat polls by emailing your question to the MGMA Stat team at 

Polling Methodology 

Verification of MGMA Stat question validity 

  • MGMA Stat questions are based on timely topics in the media, government affairs issues, content themes, member community posts, and other current highlights in the healthcare community. 

Timing of data collection with MGMA Stat

  • The MGMA Stat poll is sent to the entire MGMA Stat panel at 11a.m. (MT).
  • The poll is left open for responses for 18 hours, after which time data are processed. 
  • The results of the poll are sent out to the entire MGMA Stat panel on Thursday at 11 a.m. (MT) linking to associated content. MGMA Stat has a turn around time of 48 hours from the time that the poll is sent until the time that the results are sent. 

Processing and reporting of MGMA

  • If a respondent enters two appropriate, different but equal responses - the first in the distribution list, the second in the inbox - neither vote is counted. 
  • Similarly, if a respondent enters two different answer choices and explains in the text that his or her intention was to submit the second vote, the first entry is removed from the distribution list and added to the correct list. Example: First response: 4. The second response (sent to inbox): "I meant to vote for option 1."
  • The results of the N/As are not included in the results. Although there is great value in N/A responses, the percentages will be based on the total number of responses excluding the N/A responses. Additionally, segmentation is being implemented into MGMA Stat, which should help to significantly reduce the number of N/A responses. All results are reported in whole numbers to significantly reduce the N/A responses. All results are reported in whole numbers. 

Additional components of MGMA

  • MGMA Stat questions can be asked in the form of multiple-choice questions. Each multiple-choice response must result in a follow-up message. Often, this space is used to ask a follow-up question. The follow-up responses are all open-ended. 
  • The graphic design department generates a graph to visually represents the results. 


MGMA Research & Analysis reports


What are the MGMA Research & Analysis reports? 

The MGMA Research & Analysis reports explore hot topics in healthcare and deliver insider information to help you manage your practice more effectively. 

Are the MGMA Research & Analysis reports available for free? 

The reports are available to MGMA members free of charge. Nonmembers may purchase reports for $75 each. 

Where can I find the MGMA Research & Analysis reports? 

All MGMA Research & Analysis reports are located on the MGMA website.