ICD-10 Implementation

The Oct. 1, 2015 transition to ICD-10 was extremely challenging for medical groups.

The ICD-10 deadline of October 1, 2015 has now passed and MGMA continues to advocate on behalf of our members and provide tools and resources to help make ICD-10 coding more cost effective and less disruptive to their organizations. 

Take a look at the comprehensive list of ICD-10 training, resources, and guides below to help your healthcare organization with ICD-10.

Latest CMS ICD-10 News and Resources:

MGMA ICD-10 Resources:

ICD-10 News:

For all the latest, visit MGMA's Washington Connection archive.

Recent MGMA ICD-10 and 5010 Implementation Advocacy:

The latest updates on MGMA's advocacy on behalf of our members on ICD-10 coding.

See all of MGMA's advocacy efforts on ICD-10 related issues, and healthcare policies in our Advocacy Archive.

CMS ICD-10 and 5010 Resources:



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