MGMA Policy Development Process

The MGMA Board of Directors is the sole policy making body of MGMA. It is the goal of the Board of Directors that its policy making process be clear and understandable to the general membership. The goal of the Board will be to adopt policies that are consistent with the strategic direction for the Association.

Policy initiatives for Board consideration may originate with any member or component of membership of the Association. If existing policy does not address the issue, the Board will refer the issue for consideration to the Government Affairs Council (GAC). The GAC shall direct the appropriate Association staff to research any so designated issue and prepare briefing materials relevant for presentation and consideration by said council.

Once the GAC has considered the issue, it shall forward a report to the Board recommending whether or not the Association should adopt a policy position and exactly what principles the position should reflect. At its next scheduled meeting the Board will then accept, reject or modify the recommendation of the council and communicate the Association’s position to all appropriate audiences. Policy positions are crafted in as broad language as possible to allow staff to maintain the flexibility required to represent the Association in legislative and regulatory forums.

Where new policy is needed between scheduled Board meetings, the Executive Committee of the Board is empowered to exercise the authority of the Board and consider policy recommendations. The Executive Committee’s decision is binding until reviewed by the full Board of Directors, which may accept, reject, modify or refer the position taken by the Executive Committee for further analysis.


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