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MGMA is committed to working with state leaders and legislative liaisons on promoting advocacy efforts to best serve their organizations and impact state and federal policy. If you are new to the legislative liaison role, get started by implementing MGMA's tips for new legislative liaisons in the State MGMA Legislative Liaisons: How to Get Started resource. Additionally, you can learn the strategies and methods of the most successful legislative liaisons by reviewing the State Legislative Liaison Best Practices.

The Benefits and Expectations Adobe PDF document outlines the role of a state legislative liaison as it pertains to their work on federal advocacy initiatives done in partnership with national MGMA. It also explains national and state expectations and benefits that are essential to create a successful relationship between the liaison and national MGMA.

MGMA Advocacy in Action!

Take charge of healthcare advocacy and get involved in our grassroots campaigns by sending a letter to Congress through our Contact Congress portal.

Are you looking for legislation from other states to use as a model in your state?

  • Don't reinvent the wheel if you don't have to! Use the State Legislative Liaisons Member Community to request and exchange legislation and information with your colleagues in other states.
  • To access this community, please contact govaff@mgma.org or call 202.293.3450.


Legislative Liaison of the Year Award

Every year MGMA recognizes a state MGMA or MGMA Assembly/Society legislative liaison who has provided outstanding leadership in the education and motivation of MGMA members through grassroots involvement on legislative and regulatory issues of importance to medical group practices. Find out more today!

MGMA Legislative Liaison of the Year Award Recipients

         2017 – David Weiss – Iowa MGMA

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  • 2016 - Melissa McCormick - Colorado MGMA
  • 2015 - Jocelyn Forehand, CMPE - Indiana MGMA
  • 2014 - LeAnn Paulsen, CMPE - Iowa MGMA
  • 2013 - Janet E. McIntyre, MBA, FACMPE - Colorado MGMA
  • 2012 - Ramona Osborne -  Kentucky MGMA
  • 2011 - Gabi Brockelsby - Tennessee MGMA
  • 2010 - Diane Bristol – Michigan MGMA
  • 2009 - Michael T. Brohawn, FACMPE – North Carolina MGMA
  • 2008 - Cynthia M. Roehr – Iowa MGMA
  • 2007 - Scott D. Barlow, MBA – Utah MGMA
  • 2006 - Phillip J. Riveness – Minnesota MGMA
  • 2005 - Lawrence E. Epstein – New Jersey MGMA
  • 2004 - Diane M. Bristol – Michigan MGMA & Bret M. Talbot – Louisiana MGMA
  • 2003 - James M. Palazzo, CMPE – Iowa MGMA
  • 2002 - Cynthia L. Dunn, CMPE – Kentucky MGMA
  • 2001 - Marilyn J. Orr, CMPE – Ohio MGMA
  • 2000 - Not awarded this year
  • 1999 - Lucien W. Roberts, III, FACMPE – Virginia MGMA
  • 1998 - Benjamin S. Snyder, FACMPE – California MGMA
  • 1997 - Lamar Sims – Georgia MGMA.


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