Physician Practice Assessment (PPA) Studies

Physician Practice Assessment studies help shape policies that affect the healthcare industry and enhance your membership value. This member-only research provides an opportunity to share your views with lawmakers in Washington regarding important issues you face every day in your medical practice. MGMA uses these research results to advocate on members behalf and ensure that your voice is heard.


MGMA research reveals that Medicare physician quality reporting programs not improving patient quality, needlessly complex 

October 2014 - MGMA conducted member research in October 2014 to better understand physician practices’ experiences with Medicare Part B quality reporting programs and how they’ve impacted practice operations and overall quality improvement for Medicare beneficiaries. 

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MGMA research reveals key issues practices are experiencing with ACA exchange implementation 

May 2014 – MGMA conducted a follow up to our September 2013 study to assess the impact of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) insurance exchange implementation on medical group practices now that practices have begun seeing patients with this type of coverage. This research revealed key issues practices are experiencing with exchange implementation. MGMA noted three main themes within the findings. Responses were received from more than 700 medical groups in which more than 40,000 physicians practice nationwide.


MGMA conducts research on impact of ACA exchange implementation on practices

September 2013 – MGMA conducted this research study to better understand the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchange implementation on practices. The poll focuses on how practices prepared for ACA exchanges and what factors were taken into consideration when determining whether a practice contracts with an ACA exchange product. Responses were received from over 1,000 physician group practices in which more than 47,500 physicians practice.

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Infographic: ACA Exchange: evaluating ACA insurance exchange products

 MGMA testifies before federal body on ICD-10 readiness 

June 2013 – MGMA testified before the National Committee for Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS), a federal advisory board, highlighting the results from our recent ICD-10 research and offering a number of recommendations.

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Members research on the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula and new payment models

October 2012 –  The study focused on the impact of the uncertainty posed by the impending 27 percent payment cut for Medicare physicians called for by the SGR.

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MGMA calls for six-month contingency plan for HIPAA 5010 transition

December 2011– MGMA conducted a follow up study to determine the progress the healthcare industry has made in preparing for the transition to HIPAA Version 5010 electronic transaction standards. The Association is calling on the Department of Health and Human Services to immediately issue an expanded contingency plan to avoid cash flow disruption in physician practices.

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MGMA testifies before a federal panel on electronic claims attachments

November 2011 – MGMA conducted member research to determine the effect of handling electronic claims attachments on physician. The Association presented the findings of the study to the National Committee on Vital Health Statistics (NCVHS), a federal advisory body to the Department of Health and Human Services.

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Medical practices make plans to prepare for the impending SGR payment cuts

October 2011 – For the second year in a row, MGMA conducted a study to determine how medical practices are preparing for the potential 29.5 percent payment cut scheduled for Jan.1, and how the business are carrying on in such uncertain times. Historically, this study on the impact of the sustainable growth rate (SGR) payment cuts has sparked the attention of policymakers. MGMA intends to use these results as part of our campaign for Congress to permanently repeal the SGR and establish a stable payment model for Medicare physicians.

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MGMA to HHS: Withdraw the "accounting of disclosures" proposed rule

July 2011 – MGMA conducted a Legislative and Executive Advocacy Response Network (LEARN) study on a new Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights (OCR) proposed rule that would require physician practices and their business associates to produce a report of each time patient health information was accessed inside or outside the practice. The report would require practices to detail when a patient’s health information was accessed for any purpose, including for treatment, payment and healthcare operations. LEARN participants expressed that, if finalized, this rule would be extremely burdensome and would be a discouragement for adopting an EHR. MGMA used the data from this research in our formal comment letter to OCR asking that the government withdraw the proposed rule.

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MGMA determines medical group progress in their transition to HIPAA version 5010

June 2011 – This research on the transition to the new HIPAA Version 5010 electronic transactions standards indicates that a majority of medical groups still have not completed critical software upgrades and testing with health plans has not been scheduled. Medical practices face disruptions in claims processing and other essential administrative transactions if they don't successfully implement Version 5010 by the Jan. 1, 2012, compliance date.  

MGMA used these findings as part of our testimony before a federal advisory body on the issue of industry readiness for Version 5010. In this testimony, we urged the government to develop contingency plans should the industry not be ready to meet the compliance date, and called on practice management system software vendors to intensify their rollout of compliant products and on health plans to schedule testing.

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MGMA assess member readiness on transition to HIPAA Version 5010

March 2011 – The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services mandated that all covered entities (providers, health plans and clearinghouses) convert from the current HIPAA Version 4010 electronic transaction standards to Version 5010 by Jan. 1, 2012. Many practices will have to upgrade or replace their practice management systems for the conversion. MGMA conducted research to determine the readiness of medical groups and their trading partners to make this transition. The association uses these responses to inform our advocacy campaigns and provide feedback to federal policymakers.

Very few respondents indicated that they have begun the process of upgrading their current practice management system to accommodate the new standards and initiated testing of these new transactions with their major health plans. MGMA encourages its members to take the appropriate steps to prepare for the transition to 5010 to avoid any disruption in claims payment following the Jan. 1 compliance date.

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MGMA releases data on group practices preparations for Medicare physician payment cuts

October 2010 – MGMA conducted research regarding the potential impact of the pending cuts to Medicare physician payments. MGMA LEARN research conducted in September 2010 focused on the potential effect future reductions in Medicare physician payment will have on practices and the patients they serve. Questions also explored group practice’s experience with the Medicare cuts that went into place in June 2010. LEARN respondents indicated that many medical practices are likely to limit the number of new Medicare patients they accept unless Congress takes action to halt pending Medicare reimbursement cuts. In addition to reducing the number of Medicare patients they see, practices stated they would take other steps to address decreased reimbursement, such as delaying the purchase of electronic health records. These potential operational changes are compounded by 29.5 percent of practices that already reduced the number of appointments for new Medicare patients during June as a result of Congress’s retroactive action in addressing the missed June 1 deadline.

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MGMA research on the health plan identifier (Plan ID)

June 2010  – MGMA asked for your participation in a questionnaire to help HHS better understand the impact and benefits of a Plan ID. MGMA was asked to testify before an advisory committee to help develop recommendation for HHS.

MGMA provided the following specific recommendations reflecting members’ concerns:

  • Adopt a Plan ID that would identify each entity that is responsible for funding, receiving, and administering the claim, as well as entities contracting with the provider, in order to improve practice workflow; 
  • Reduce Plan ID granularity requirements for practices initiating patient insurance eligibility transactions, thus lessening practice workflow problems that occur when patients do not have access to their specific Plan ID at the time of service; and 
  • Develop Plan ID consistency throughout the health care system identification numbering system by mandating that the Plan ID be the same as that of the national provider identifier-a ten-digit numeric number.

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MGMA research on protected health information disclosure accounting

May 2010 – MGMA members respond to a LEARN questionnaire regarding the, "HIPAA Privacy Rule Accounting of Disclosures under the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act; Request for Information." Download the survey report Adobe PDF

Using the LEARN research, MGMA submitted formal comments to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Adobe PDF  that highlighted five critical issues and concerns:

  • The administrative burden on physician practices;
  • The low volume of current patient requests for accounting reports;
  • The burdensome and unnecessary accounting for treatment disclosures; 
  • The burdensome and unnecessary accounting for payment and healthcare operations disclosures; and
  • The rule’s discouraging effect on physician practice adoption of EHRs. 

MGMA releases member research on PQRI

January 2010 – MGMA conducted research regarding medical practice administrators’ experiences with PQRI. LEARN respondents reported widespread frustration with PQRI due to continued administrative challenges with reporting data, an unnecessarily arduous process for accessing feedback reports, and  the feedback reports’ inability to help improve patient care outcomes.



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