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Participating in advocacy is one of the most important ways that group practice executives can influence positive change in the healthcare industry. As an expert on medical group practice issues, you are uniquely positioned to help elected officials understand the real impact policies have on practices and patients. MGMA has compiled a list of resources, information and everything you need to get started successfully advocating on behalf of your practice and patients.

Three Easy Steps to Get Involved:

Step 1: Get Started


Step 2: Take Action

Write your legislator

Call your legislator

Meet your legislator

  • Download MGMA's grassroots guide to scheduling a meeting with your legislator at one of their district offices
  • Visit MGMA's grassroots guide to hosting a Congressional site visit at your practice
  • Consult MGMA's grassroots guide for tips on arranging a Capitol Hill visit


Step 3: Share your Story

Don’t forget to share feedback with MGMA on your discussions with lawmakers to help inform MGMA's advocacy efforts. Your insights and strategies for getting involved in advocacy are also valuable with helping other members learn from your experiences. Provide your feedback and tell us about the successes and challenges you faced by emailing

Remember to snap a picture with your lawmaker and your visit could be featured in an MGMA publication!

Learn from past MGMA advocacy success stories:


Questions? MGMA Government Affairs staff is here to help. Contact us at 202.293.3450 or


Other Advocacy Resources:

MGMA Advocacy Letters and Statements

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Legislative Liaison Center

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MGMA Position Papers

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Contact Information

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