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10/13 at 8:00 AM to 10/16/2019 at 12:00 PM

Welcome to our Spark Plugs, a special series dedicated to highlighting our Spark Sessions and the igniting conversations that will happen at their stage in the Exhibit Hall.

Start sparking inpiration by getting a taste of the Spark Session we have slated for New Orleans.

August 27, 2019

Spark Plug: What’s a Spark Session and Why Should I Care?

When we ask conference attendees why they attend the MGMA Annual Conference, we hear a variety of answers: the keynote address, the fantastic pre-conference sessions, the packed schedule of expert presentations on the comprehensive body of medical practice knowledge, the joy of hanging out with peers from all over the country…

You know what no one ever lists as a reason to attend? Spark Sessions.

But they will.

Spark Sessions are new this year and may be the feature of Annual Conference that ignites your biggest idea, or equips you with your most powerful new tool.

So what are they?

Spark Sessions are small group roundtables devoted to a single hot topic item. They are more organized versions of what happens all throughout conference anyway: peers getting together to discuss challenges and opportunities.

They are informal. There is no powerpoint deck, no prepared presentation, just 15-30 conference attendees, a half-hour time block, and an idea. Interoperability, population health, opioids, benchmarking data – the list of hot topics is still growing. Now you don’t have to search for someone who shares your passion for “Igniting Patient Engagement Prior to Appointments,” you just have to find the right table!

What is expected of me at a Spark Session?

Nothing is expected of you except your interest in the topic at hand. A moderator will be present to keep the conversation on track, but your participation level is up to you. Maybe you want to sit back and listen to others discuss how Personalization and Data Science can improve your collections and patient satisfaction. Maybe you want to dive right into the heart of a conversation on how social media marketing can help you keep the schedule full. It’s up to you.

Do I have to sign up?

You can show up to your session on the day of, but you can also reserve your spot beforehand via your registration page or the scheduling feature on the conference app (coming soon!).

Can I lead a Spark Session?

Yes! Send us your idea via this handy link:

 The Growing List of Spark Sessions

Here are some sessions that are booked as of early August (subject to change as needed).
The Patient Financial Experience: why it matters, and how to get it right
Interoperability? Who, what, when?
Get rid of blockers to success with better workflows in today's Medical Practice
Outpatient Design: using technology to support care delivery
Chronic Care Management: A win-win for everyone involved
From Ordinary to Extraordinary: best practices in patient experience management
Why we're all burned out on burnout
The Stay Interview: maintaining a positive workplace culture

Note: Keep an eye on this blog or any piece of content that says “Spark Plug.” That’s where we’ll be making you aware of Spark Sessions as they come together.

Will Credits Be Available?

Yes! CEU, ACMPE, and ACHE credits will be available for those who participate in this Spark session.
See you there.

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