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Tuesday, Oct. 15 

8:00-9:00am F01: MGMA Health IT Policy Update   
Speaker: Robert Tennant
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8:00-9:00am F02: Coming Soon!
8:00-9:00am F03: Shifting the Revenue Cycle Focus to Better Manage Patient Responsibility
Speaker: Paola Turchi, MSHCA, CHFP, CPC, Consultant, Allscripts
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8:00-9:00am F04: Modernizing Practice Operations to Exceed Patient Expectations
Speakers: Kevin Ban, MD, Chief Medical Officer, athenahealth
Kimberly Wishon, MBA, FACMPE, Chief Executive Officer, Watauga Orthoapaedics PLC
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8:00-9:00am F05: An Integrated Care Approach to Keep Seniors Out of the ER
Speakers: Andrea Hurteau, Chief Operating Officer, Boncura Health Solutions
Mike Pacetti, Chief Financial Officer & Co-Chief Executive Officer, DuPage Medical Group
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8:00-9:00am F06: Tackling Unintentional Biases: Best Practices for Diversity and Inclusion
Speakers: Steve Marsh, President, Executive Search Division, Medicus Firm LLC (The)
Pam Snyder, FASPR, Senior Director, Physician & Advanced Practitioner Recruitment, Baystate Health
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8:00-9:00am F07: Focus on the Process, Not the Outcome
Speaker: Kyle Barlow, MDIV, MS, MHA, DHA, Executive Director, Health Partners
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8:00-9:00am F08: Embracing Risk to Succeed in Value-based Care
Speakers: Andrea Hurteau, Chief Operating Officer, Boncura Health Solutions
Mike Pacetti, Chief Financial Officer & Co-Chief Executive Officer, DuPage Medical Group
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8:00-9:00am F09: Coming Soon!
8:00-9:00am F10: Prepare Now for 2020 CMS Imaging Clinical Decision Support Requirements
Speaker: David Smith, FACMPE, Executive Director, United Imaging Consultats LLC
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8:00-9:00am F11: Hospital Affiliated Practice Roundtable
Speaker: Jeffrey Rydburg, CMPE, Vice President, HCA Physician Services
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10:10-11:10am G01: Getting Beyond the Hype: Artificial Intelligence in Today’s Medical Practice
Speakers: Juan Molina, Chief Operating Officer, CareCloud
Michael Muelly, MD, Product Manager, Google Cloud Healthcare
Josh Siegel, Chief Technology Officer, CareCloud
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10:10-11:10am G02: Anatomy of a Private Equity Transaction and Current M&A Trends
Speakers: Isabelle Bibet-Kalinyak, JD, MBA, Health Care Attorney, Partner, McDonald Hopkins LLC
Neil Johnson, MBA, Managing Partner, Lawrence Evans & Co LLC
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10:10-11:10am G03: Buyer Beware: Navigating Ancillary Revenue Opportunities
Speakers: Michael Lewis, MBA, FACMPE, Shareholder, Healthcare Services Group, Cowan Gunteski & Co PA
Deborah Mathis, CPA, CHBC, Shareholder, Healthcare Services Group, Cowan Gunteski & Co PA
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10:10-11:10am G04: Understanding Your Privacy and Security Responsibilities in the Changing Healthcare Environment
Speakers: Sonya Bess, Government Initiative Specialist, Pulse Systems Inc
Nicki Andersen, Senior Vice President, Strategic Health Solutions & Compliance
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10:10-11:10am G05: Beyond the Hype, Evaluating Chronic Disease Management Solution Options to Drive Patient Activation
Speakers: Jake Fochetta, Manager, ECG Management Consultants Inc
John Jenkins, MD, Chief Clinical Officer of Connected Care, LaBauer Healthcare
Asif Shah Mohammed, MBA, Associate Principal, ECG Management Consultants Inc
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10:10-11:10am G06: Preventing Burnout: Digitally Transforming Provider Recruitment, Engagement and Retention
Speaker: Vince Liang, MBA, Director of Engagement for Healthcare, MST Solutions
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10:10-11:10am G07: Success Strategies for Women: Three Steps to Increased Impact
Speakers: Linda J. Carpenter, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Carpenter Smith Consulting
Samantha Beatty, FACMPE, Director of Operations, Womens Healthcare Associates LLC
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10:10-11:10am G08: Purchasing vs. Leasing Office Space: Making the Best Decision for Your Practice
Speaker: Colin Carr, Chief Executive Officer, Carr Healthcare Realty
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10:10-11:10am G09: Coming Soon!
10:10-11:10am G10: Coming Soon!
10:10-11:10am G11: Coming Soon!
11:30am-12:30pm H01: Creating a Digital Platform to Engage Patients in Operational Decisions
Speakers: R. Henry Capps, Jr., MD, FAAFP, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Health and Engagement Officer, Novant Health
Stephanie Landry, MBA, Senior Director, Digital Health and Engagement, Novant Health
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11:30am-12:30pm H02: The Changing Role of Medical Records: Risk Management, Compliance and HIPAA
Speakers: Isabelle Bibet-Kalinyak, JD, MBA, Health Care Attorney, Partner, McDonald Hopkins LLC
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11:30am-12:30pm H03: Great Expectations: Lessons Learned from Implementing Variable Physician Pay
Speaker: Kristen Adams, MA, CMPE, Department Administrator, Anesthesiology, Weill Cornell Medical College
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11:30am-12:30pm H04: Developing an Inspired Leader: How to Get People Out of Their Cave and Into the Sun
Speakers: Nathan Deal, MD, FACEP, Executive Vice President and Administrator, Harris Health System
Aimee Greeter, MPH, FACHE, Senior Vice President, Coker Group
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11:30am-12:30pm H05: Physician Enterprise as the Entry Point for Health System Transformation
Speakers: Grant Milby, JD, MBA, Manager, Ernst & Young LLP
Sam Reynolds, MBA, Manger, Ernst & Young
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11:30am-12:30pm H06: Using Technology to Satisfy Transparency Regulations and Inform and Engage Patients
Speaker: Dominic Lorusso, Director of Partner Engagement, FairHealth Inc
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11:30am-12:30pm H07: How Your Inherent Personality-based Risk Factors Can Undermine Your Success
Speaker: Nancy Parsons, Co-Founder and President, CDR Assessment Group, Inc.
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11:30am-12:30pm H08: Better Together: Leveraging RCM Solutions to Optimize EHRs for Improved Financial Performance
Speaker: Charles Meadows, Vice President Revenue Cycle Shared Services, Community Hospitals of Indianapolis Inc
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11:30am-12:30pm H09: Coming Soon!
11:30am-12:30pm H10: Commercial Plan Bundled Payments: A Year Later
Speaker: Penny Noyes, CHC, President, Health Business Navigators
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11:30am-12:30pm H11: Ortho Roundtable
Speaker: Cristy Good, MPH, MBA, CPC, CMPE, Senior Industry Advisor, MGMA
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2:15-3:15pm I01: Practice Valuation Through an Administrator’s Eyes
Speaker: Yusif Hai, Managing Director Business Advisory Services, CIG Capital Advisors
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2:15-3:15pm I02: Denials Data: Supporting Compliance Amid a Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE) Review
Speaker: Joette Derricks, MPA, FACMPE, CPC, AAPC-Fellow, CHC, CLSSGB, Chief Executive Officer, Derricks Consulting
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2:15-3:15pm I03: Provider Contracting Whack-A-Mole: Playing To Win
Speakers: Ryan Campbell, MSHA, FACHE, FACMPE, Vice President, Operations, CaroMont Medical Group
Michelle Harmon, MHA, Chief Strategy Officer, Ludi Inc.
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2:15-3:15pm I04: Use of RTLS to Support a Model of Patient-centered Care
Speaker: Kevin Hoover, MD, PhD,  Director, Musculoskeletal Imaging and Intervention, Virginia Commonwealth University
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2:15-3:15pm I05: Chronic Care Management and the Triple Aim
Speakers: Nancee Barnette, HBS-C, Practice Manager, Dunbar Medical Associates
Jonathan Lilly, MD, Physician/Partner, Dunbar Medical Associates
Colleen Wagner, ACO Executive Director, Aledade
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2:15-3:15pm I06: Genetic Testing and Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment
Speakers: Dana Karanik, COO, Associates for Womens Medicine
Richard Waldman
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2:15-3:15pm I07: Healthy Communication Tools for Practice Leaders
Speakers: Emmy Lancy, MHA, CMPE, CPC, CPMA, CDEO, CCS, Consultant, Emmy Award Healthcare Consulting LLC
Kavita Ratan, MHA, CCS, CHC, Health Care Management Consultant, Ratan Consultants
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2:15-3:15pm I08: Strengthening the 6 Key Components of Your Business
Speaker: Brian Donnelly, MBA, CMPE, Professional EOS Implementer, Momentum Solutions LLC
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2:15-3:15pm I09: Coming Soon!
2:15-3:15pm I10: The Values to Succeed in Value-based Care
Speaker: Jennifer Ternay, MBA, CPA, PCMH CCE, Healthcare Strategist, Values Based Care
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2:15-3:15pm I11: Coming Soon!
3:45-5:00pm GEN03: Moneyball: Lessons for Life and Business from Baseball's Best General Manager
Speaker: Billy Beane
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