MGMA19 | The Annual Conference


Why Attend

10/13 at 8:00 AM to 10/16/2019 at 12:00 PM

MGMA19 | Live

Can't make it to NOLA? Let us simplify MGMA19 | The Annual Conference by delivering premier content to your home or office. 

This online event includes three general and nine featured sessions, streamed live as well as three exclusive online sessions presented live from The Annual Conference, Oct. 13-15.

Join us online for content that can start improving your team’s performance RIGHT NOW and will impact the outcomes you seek.

This event will provide you with the knowledge to:
  • Outline pivotal action items for your current team or organization.
  • Identify how legislative and regulatory initiatives effect group practices.
  • Incorporate predictive analytics or near-predictive analytics to audit plans.
  • Incorporate the right questions to ask to transform your organization.


Over the course of three days, you’ll get a live, curated Annual Conference experience that delivers insight and knowledge from other healthcare professionals and experts on today’s hottest topics.

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"Participating in MGMA’s Annual Conference via MGMA Live streaming technology was a great alternative to attending in person. For anyone needing either specific content or CMPE certification credits, this was an excellent way to experience the presenters and break-out sessions."
—Marion Lee Holmes, Chief Executive Officer