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With an impressive line-up of speakers and exhibitors eager to help you find solutions to the challenges you face every day, the Medical Practice Excellence Conference is designed for you to learn what you need, on your terms. Improve patient outcomes, minimize inefficiencies in your organization, and advance your practice with actionable take-aways with our learning tracks spanning financial management, strategy, technology, operations, and more!

Education sessions include a focus on case studies and data, themed learning tracks by room, interactive learning and hot topic sessions. Participants can expect sessions designed to fit a specific theme: personal growth, practice excellence and patient focused.

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Medical Practice Excellence Conference Sessions

Education Sessions - A Series:
A01 - How to Manage Capacity While Adapting to New COVID-19 Processes Operational Excellence

A02 - A Steady Captain in a Stormy Sea: 8 Effective Ways to Lead in Crisis

A03 - MGMA Washington Update

A04 - Medical Real Estate Strategies in the Age of COVID
General Session 1 - Becoming a Future-ready Leader - Tasha Eurich, PhD
Spark Sessions:
SS1 - Roadmap for Navigating Virtual Care in a Post-COVID World

SS2 - The Path Forward: Creating an Industry EMR Solution that Helps Enable Clinical Decision Support at the Time of Care

SS3 - Crisis Drives Innovation: Ways to Shore up Your Cash Flow

SS4 - Best Practices for RCM Improvement Amid Industry Shifts 
Education Sessions - B Series
B01 - Documentation Challenges-Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

B02 - Effective Leadership Strategies for Medical Practice Executives

B03 - How Gamified Psychology Boosts RCM Productivity and Staff Engagement

B04 - Project CORE: Coordinating Optimal Referral Experiences
Brain Breaks
BB1 - Mindful Minutes with ARHQ

BB2 - Learn Excel Tips and Win Cash Prizes with rater8!

BB3 - Stretch and De-Stress with CareCloud

BB4 - Audi – MGMA Conference Drive Along!

Education Sessions - C Series:
C01 - Driving Accurate Risk Adjustment and Quality Performance with A.I.

C02 - Confronting Our Implicit Biases

C03 - Optimize Your Clinic Space for a Pandemic and Beyond

C04 - Cutting Losses in Hospital-Employed Networks
Education Sessions - D Series: 
D01 - Leveraging the Power of Technology for Success in Value-based Care during a Pandemic

D02 - The ROI on Optimizing Advanced Practice Providers

D03 - Advancing Patient Access Through Leadership and Change Management

D04 - Two Perspectives on Delivering Value-Based Care
Education Sessions - E Series: 
E01 - Development of a Virtual Care Strategy for Long-Term Success

E02 - Leading Organizations through Change

E03 - Sticker Shock: Bringing Clarity to Payer and Patient Price Shopping 

E04 - Total Cost of Care 2.0: The Quality Payment Program and Beyond
Brain Breaks
BB5 - Mindful Minutes with ARHQ

BB6 - Learn Excel Tips and Win Cash Prizes with rater8!

BB7 - Stretch and De-Stress with CareCloud

BB8 - Audi – MGMA Conference Drive Along!
General Session 2 - Creating A Great Place to Work for All - Michael Bush
Spark Sessions:
SS5 - Patient Engagement Finally Comes of Age

SS6 - The End of the Waiting Room: Using Zero-Contact Intake to Improve Safety and Transform the Patient Experience

SS7 - Getting SHARP on whole-patient health 

SS8 - Intelligent Automation: The Power of AI and RPA in the Revenue Cycle
Education Sessions - F Series: 
F01 - Payer Agreements, Policies and Relations in the time of COVID

F02 - Daily Engagement System (DES) — a Tiered Huddle Approach

F03 - Linking Risk to Care Management to Transform Patient Care

F04 - Primary Care 2.0 for the 2020s: Invest and Innovate for Improved Care
Education Sessions - G Series:
G01 - Expanding Care Management Strategies Through At-home Interventions

G02 - Implementing Integrated Care Teams to Reduce Burnout and Optimize Throughout

G03 - Engaging Patients to Improve Satisfaction

G04 - Financially Thriving as an Independent Practice Through Better Claims and Collections
30 Minute Speed Sessions:
MIN1 - Protecting Patients and Revenue with AI-powered Telehealth Technologies and Services

MIN2 - A Look Ahead:  A Panel Discussion on the Future of Practices in the Next 12-24 Months 

MIN3 - Applying Occam’s Razor to Population Health: A Simple, Valid Measure

MIN4 - Structuring Value-Based Compensation Arrangements
Education Sessions - H Series:
H01 - RPM and Telehealth: Strategies to Transform Practices to Virtual Care

H02 - Mastering the Three R’s of Successful Physician Staffing: Recruitment, Retention and Retirement

H03 - Rethinking Metrics, Dashboards, and Appointments After COVID-19

H04 - Next Generation Clinical Integration
30 Minute Speed Sessions:
MIN5 - 10 Ways to Connect with Patients Using Text Messaging During COVID

MIN6 - A Discussion with One of MGMA’s Better Performers

MIN8 - Going Electronic to Reduce Prior Authorization Overhead
 Spark Sessions:
SS9 - New Opportunities for Patient Access in a ‘Hybrid’ Model of Virtual and In-Person Care Delivery

SS10 - The Power of the First Impression: Optimizing the Physician Interview Experience to Increase Your Hiring Results

SS11 - How COVID-19 Has Accelerated the Consumerization of Revenue Cycle Management

SS12 - Refocusing the Revenue Cycle in the Time of COVID-19
Education Sessions - I Series: 
I01 - Preparing for the Financial Implications of a Post-COVID World

I02 - Protecting and Educating Against Workplace Violence

I03 - Optimizing Patient Access in a Post COVID World

I04 - Office Visit E/M Codes - The Big Changes for 2021
General Session 3 - Balancing the Human Touch with Digital Innovation to Enhance Patient Experience - Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, MBE
Post Event Wrap Up
Turning Knowledge into Action: Building an Implementation Plan for Practice Improvement

Content Areas 

Conference sessions are grouped by the content areas below. Each content area reflects current challenges for today’s health business professional and is informed by the Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management. Below are examples of some of the issues that may be covered in the education sessions:

Financial Mastery

Successful Leadership Strategies

Operational Excellence

Strategic Decisions

Transforming Patient Care

Federal Law, Regulations & Advocacy


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