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Running a successful practice requires a culture of continual learning. MGMA has the resources to on the newest techniques in practice management. Utilize MGMA’s latest offerings to help you and your staff solve the latest challenges in your practice.  



Benchmarking Success: The Essential Guide for Group Practices, 2nd edition

A practice’s long-term success is directly related to its ability to identify, predict and adjust for changes. Benchmarking, when used properly, is the best tool for overcoming these challenges.

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Staffing the Medical Practice

Utilize this book to help guide your medical practice staffing model decisions as new industry models require healthcare organizations to design and adapt their staffing models.

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Even Better Data, Better Decisions: Advanced Business Intelligence for Medical Practices

Business intelligence is not just a fancy name applied to the same old canned reports. Business intelligence, when done correctly, drives practice performance.

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Patient Access: Tools and Strategies for the Medical Practice

Patient access impacts appointment availability, the cost to deliver medical care, patient and referring physician satisfaction, as well as your practice’s bottom line.

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Front Office Success, 2nd edition

Well-trained front office staff are a key to running a successful practice. Invest in your staff to deliver better results for your practice.

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PCMH Policies & Procedures Guidebook, 3rd edition - e-book

This step-by-step resource—provided in Adobe PDF, ePub and Microsoft Word files—is essential for understanding the NCQA’s Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition program.

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