Patient-Centered Care

What is patient-centered care in a medical practice?

Patient-centered care in a medical practice means ensuring that patients receive the best possible care, keeping the organization focused on patient safety and striving for efficient operations.

Patient-centered care refers to the ability to create an environment and develop processes that support the best possible patient encounters.

operations management financial management human resource management Risk and compliance management organizational governance patient centered carePatient-Centered Care performance objectives include:

  • Demonstrate the knowledge to provide an environment to create, implement and maintain care coordination processes that lead to the best patient outcome.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge to design, implement and maintain quality initiatives and measurement activities.

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Some examples of patient-centered care in a medical practice could include:

  • Establishing effective patient flow and setting standards of care
  • Facilitating the coordination and process of patient care 
  • Establishing appropriate quality benchmarks
  • Gathering and explaining quality data to support emerging value payment models