Human Resource Management

What is human resource management in a medical practice?

In medical practice management, human resource management requires demonstrating effective staffing strategy, recruitment and retention, training, a performance evaluation process, a personal commitment to enhancing your knowledge base, and compliance with employment law.

operations management financial management human resource management Risk and compliance mangement organizational governance patient centered careHuman Resource Management performance objectives include:

  • Demonstrate the knowledge to create, implement and manage a staffing plan.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of clinical and nonclinical staff retention.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge to manage systems, processes and structure for training and development of clinical and nonclinical staff.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of staff compensation and benefit plans.


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Some examples of human resource management include:

  • Creating and managing the staffing plan
  •  Recruiting, retaining, training and motivating clinical and non-clinical staff
  • Evaluating and developing staff performance
  • Overseeing compliance training