ACMPE Fellowship Process

You play a vital role in the success of your medical practice. Get the professional recognition you deserve by becoming a Fellow in medical practice management through the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE). Here's how: 

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To apply for Fellowship, you must:

Once you have fulfilled the qualifications and MGMA has reviewed your application, you will be notified of your acceptance.

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Pursuing Fellowship provides the opportunity to challenge yourself in a new way and demonstrate your ability to:

  • Collect, assimilate and synthesize information into knowledge
  • Conduct a professional study that is defensible to peers
  • Clearly communicate in writing

To attain Fellow status, you will need to prepare a professional submission. A team of ACMPE Fellows and the ACMPE Professional Papers Committee will review your outline and manuscript submissions. The committee must approve your outline before you submit your manuscript. Sample outlines are available for reference.

Learn more about the submission process. If you have any questions about the Fellowship process, please contact us.

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The ACMPE Professional Papers Committee accepts outlines and manuscripts for review throughout the year. However, to be recognized as a new Fellow at the Convocation held in conjunction with the MGMA Annual Conference, you must submit your final manuscript for review no later than the deadline established each year.

You have two years from the date your outline is accepted to submit your manuscript. Otherwise, you must resubmit your outline to the committee chair for approval before you can submit your manuscript.

2018 Fellowship deadlines:

  • April 6, 2018 - Outline due (Recommended due date)
  • July 20, 2018 - Final manuscript due (Required due date)

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The ACMPE Certification Commission and the MGMA Board vote monthly to confer and award the FACMPE designation to individuals who have completed the requirements. After the vote is final, MGMA will send official notification of your advancement.

Make your accomplishment visible:

  • Include the FACMPE designation after your name in all business correspondence, published articles, speaking engagement materials, business cards, resume, etc.
  • Prominently display your Fellowship certificate.
  • Incorporate this accomplishment into your next performance evaluation/annual review.
  • Participate in new Fellow recognition activities at the MGMA Annual Conference.

Once you have earned the FACMPE credential, you must meet an ongoing continuing education requirement of 50 hours every three years. Get more information on qualifying activities and how to fulfill this requirement. You must also maintain a current MGMA membership to retain your credential.

Take the next step in your career. Start your Fellowship journey today.

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Watch Mike Fisher, FACMPE, share why he chose to pursue board certification and Fellowship and how he was able to overcome challenges along the way. View more ACMPE testimonials.



What our members say:

"Working on my Fellowship gave me a whole new way of looking at and solving problems. An added learning experience I didn't expect."

Lauren K. Harris, FACMPE
Clinic Administrator
Aethena Gynecology Associates
Vancouver, WA