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Telehealth gross charges


  • The full value, at the practice’s undiscounted rates, of charges for all services provided to telehealth patients regardless of payer types (i.e. government and commercial) or type of virtual service (i.e. telehealth, virtual check-in, e-visits etc.).

Adjustments to telehealth gross charges

The difference between “Telehealth gross charges” and the amount expected to be paid by all payer types. This represents the value of telehealth and virtual services performed for which payment is not expected.

Adjusted telehealth charges

Subtract "Adjustments to telehealth gross charges” from "Telehealth gross charges.”

Overall telehealth revenue


  • All revenue directly attributed to telehealth services. This includes revenue received by all payer types (i.e. government or commercial) for any type of virtual service (i.e. telehealth visit, virtual check-in, e-visits etc.).

Do not Include:

  • Revenue from in-person visits.

Overall cost of telehealth-based technology

Enter the practice’s overall annual cost of telehealth technology

  • Equipment cost including, but not limited to, technology support, subscription fees, staffing training on software or program, video/audio platform, software platform and hardware devices.

Do not Include:

  • Staff compensation and costs not related to staff training on telehealth software or programs.

Number of telehealth encounters

The total number of telehealth encounters (including telehealth visits, virtual check-ins and e-visits) between a patient and a healthcare provider who is vested with the primary responsibility of diagnosing, evaluating, and/or treating the patient's condition, where the provider exercises clinical judgment that may or may not be billable.

Payer Mix – percent of total gross charges for telehealth services only

Estimate the percentage of your practice’s telehealth charges by type of payer. The sum of the percentages must add to 100 percent. If not applicable, please enter "0.”

  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

  • Commercial

  • Workers’ compensation

  • Charity care

  • Self-pay

  • Other federal government payers


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