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Balance compensation with productivity with the most reliable data in the industry.

MGMA DataDive Provider Compensation is your go-to resource for any physician and nonphysician provider compensation decisions. With it, you can access multiple filter breakdowns that represent 147,000 providers in a variety of specialties.

What is MGMA DataDive?

MGMA DataDive is healthcare's most reliable benchmarking resource that has been helping professionals and organizations, large and small, determine how they fare in the marketplace. Across multiple datasets, organizations like yours can pinpoint success and opportunity with side-by-side comparisons of your performance vs. others. The online format makes it incredibly easy to access and adopt.

What is MGMA DataDive Provider Compensation?


What can it do for me?

In short, it can help you better understand the unique differences among physician-owned, hospital-owned and academic practice benchmarks for a variety of regions, practice sizes and provider experience levels. Benchmarks include:
  • Compensation - Including total pay, bonus/incentives, retirement and more
  • Productivity - Work RVUs, total RVUs, professional collections and charges
  • Benefit Metrics - Hours worked per week/year and weeks of vacation
  • NEW: Access to our revered Research & Analysis reports - Go beyond the data and dive into expert, in-depth analysis of today's issues in healthcare. These reports will further empower you to make the best decisions for your organization.

This is just a glimpse.

We can only show you the surface. To see what else MGMA DataDive Provider Compensation has to offer, including a full list of benchmarks and filters, get in touch with us today. Either complete the form on this page, or use our contact info below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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