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The ACMPE Certification Exam Workbook is an essential tool to assist you as you confidently approach your exam. Written by exam preparation experts, the workbook provides you with:
  • A systematic, guided and interactive approach
  • A review of all aspects of medical practice management
  • A hybrid learning approach that combines the characteristics of content review and assessment
  • A lighter overview and treatment of the content than a textbook
  • An interactive approach to guide you through assessments, practice questions and detailed answers
MGMA equips medical practice leaders with the information and tools they need to thrive.

At MGMA, we live our tagline every day and are committed to continuously advancing leaders and their practices. As the leading association for medical practice administrators and healthcare executives for 90 years, MGMA provides the essential education, legislative information, and data and career resources to help improve patient services and operational efficiencies.

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ACMPE Continuing Education Hours


The Multiple Choice and Essay Exams: Inside and Out

Test-Taking Tips

The Essay Exam: Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

Sample Essay Questions and Responses

The Multiple Choice Exam: Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

Exam Preparation and Resources

CHAPTER 1 Operations Management

Task 1: Design and Implement a Process Improvement Program

Task 2: Analyze, Develop, Implement, and Provide Feedback on the Strategic Plan

Task 3: Evaluate Present Needs, Forecast Future Needs, and Locate Appropriate Opportunities for
Purchasing and Asset Management

Task 4: Develop, Adapt, and Maintain Facilities to Provide a High-Quality and Safe Environment

Task 5: Identify, Select, and Utilize Outsourced Business Services and External Expertise

Task 6: Identify, Develop, and Manage Information Technology

Task 7: Develop and Manage Communications, Marketing, and Community Relations Plans

Task 8: Establish, Communicate, Implement, and Maintain Productivity and Compensation
Benchmarks for Physicians and Staff

Task 9: Monitor Physician Conduct and Performance Expectations in Coordination with the Practice’s
Governing Body

Operations Management Quiz

Operations Management Essay Questions

Resource List

CHAPTER 2 Financial Management

Task 1: Develop, Implement, and Manage the Revenue Cycle

Task 2: Manage Cash Flow

Task 3: Manage Accounts Payable

Task 4: Manage the Payroll Systems

Task 5: Create and Manage Budgets

Task 6: Manage the Audit Process

Financial Management Quiz

Financial Management Essay Questions

Resource List

CHAPTER 3 Human Resource Management

Task 1: Create, Implement, and Manage a Staffing Plan

Task 2: Direct and Manage the Retention of Clinical and Nonclinical Staff

Task 3: Train and Develop Clinical and Nonclinical Staff and Understand Employment Law

Task 4: Develop and Implement Staff Compensation and Benefit Plans

Task 5: Manage and Evaluate the Performance of Staff

Human Resource Management Quiz

Human Resource Management Essay Questions

Resource List

CHAPTER 4 Organizational Governance

Task 1: Facilitate the Corporate Legal Structure and the Governance for the Organization

Task 2: Integrate the Corporate Mission, Vision, and Values Statement into the Organization’s Culture

Organizational Governance Quiz

Organizational Governance Essay Questions

Resource List

CHAPTER 5 Patient-Centered Care

Task 1: Provide an Environment to Create, Implement, and Maintain Care Coordination Processes
That Lead to the Best Patient Outcome

Task 2: Design, Implement, and Maintain Quality Initiatives and Measurement Activities

Patient-Centered Care Quiz

Patient-Centered Care Essay Questions

Resource List

CHAPTER 6 Risk and Compliance Management

Task 1: Create, Implement, and Maintain a Risk Management Program to Provide a Safe Environment

Task 2: Develop, Implement, and Maintain Policies and Procedures to Prevent or Minimize the Impact
of Adverse Event

Task 3: Develop, Implement, and Maintain a Compliance Program for Federal and State Laws and

Task 4: Comply with Necessary Accreditation and Licensure Requirements

Risk and Compliance Management Quiz

Risk and Compliance Management Essay Questions

Resource List

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