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Getting started: ACMPE tracking portal

Manage your ACMPE continuing education credit hours.

How to log your ACMPE credit hours

The new ACMPE tracking portal makes it easy to manage your credit hours. Take a moment to review the instructions for steps on how to log in, view and enter your hours.

Logging into ACMPE Tracking

1. Sign in to

2. Select “My Dashboard” found on the top right corner.
ACMPE tracking portal

3. Select “MANAGE MY ACCOUNT" found on the top left corner.

ACMPE tracking portal

4. Select “ACMPE TRACKING” found on the left side to enter the portal.

ACMPE tracking portal

View your ACMPE continuing education hours in ACMPE Tracking

Click “Full ACMPE Continuing Education Listing” to review your total claimed credit hours and to request altering existing credit hours.

Claim additional ACMPE continuing education in ACMPE Tracking

Click “Add ACMPE Continuing Education Hours” to claim all qualified hours for ACMPE.
  • To add hours for MGMA affiliates and external sources, click “ Claim My Additional Credit”.
  • To claim your completed MGMA events, click “Claim My Attended MGMA Events”.

ACMPE Transcript Portal


If you have any questions about using the new portal, please contact us at 877.275.6462 ext. 1888 or by email at

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