Career Pathways

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Branch Medical Director

To ensure that the highest quality of clinical practice, judgment and medical integrity are upheld, implemented and enforced among the physician staff.

Chief Executive Officer I

Provides collaborative leadership in the ongoing development, implementation and overall management of Medical Group and its operations.

Chief Executive Officer II

An exempt position responsible for leading and directing all operations and related lines of business.

Chief Executive Officer III

Assists in the creation and execution of the strategic direction and objectives which are necessary to build a world class, independent medical group.

Chief Financial Officer I

An exempt position responsible for directing the organization's financial planning and accounting practices.

Chief Financial Officer II

An exempt position responsible for directing the organization's financial planning and accounting practices.

Chief Operating Officer I

An exempt, executive management position responsible for planning, organizing, and directing all operations.

Chief Operating Officer II

Oversees the day-to-day operations of clinical portion of Medical Group.

Chief Strategy Officer

The CSO provides expertise by assisting in the formulation, development, and implementation of revenue generating strategies and policies.

Executive Board President

Responsible for providing direction, assistance and guidance to the Administrator in understanding and carrying out the directions of the Board.

Executive Director I

Responsible for all administrative, financial, personnel, clerical, housekeeping and maintenance functions. Plans, and assigns duties to employees.

Executive Director II

This position functions as the chief administrative officer of the practice and as such includes direct supervisory responsibilities for five to eight other managers and senior supervisory staff.

Governing Board

Has the final authority and the ultimate responsibility for the professional and business management of the group.

Medical Director

Responsible for establishing, maintaining, and enforcing acceptable professional and ethical standards of the facility’s medical staff.

Medical Practice Executive Partner

Top physician professional administrative position. Maintains oversight of all administrative functions in cooperation with other members.

Medical Practice Managing Partner

Some tasks are performed in conjunction with the Practice Administrator (PA), the Executive Committee and others such as the Clinical Scheduler.

Nursing Director

An exempt position responsible for all nursing staff and clinical nursing operations.

Regional Director

The Regional Director shall provide direct management and oversight of operations of physician practices under ownership or management of Medical Group (MG).