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Career Pathways is the most convenient and effective way to take your next step in the medical practice field. Whether it’s a lateral move, promotion, or reduced workload browse thousands of job openings in the MGMA network and the National Healthcare Career Network (NHCN).

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Access a diverse set of positions in one online location. MGMA works directly with numerous hospitals, private practices and health care facilities across America. For you, this means greater opportunity and fewer competing applications.

Our convenient tool reduces the amount of time job seekers spend searching. This network saves you time and allows you to carefully select the organizations that interest you most. Compare positions and compensation packages, search with keywords, and apply instantly.

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Positions listed with MGMA Career Pathway are some of the most prestigious and lucrative in the field of healthcare. With additional resources such as resume reviews and interview counseling available, job seekers greatly improve their likelihood of quickly landing the right position.

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