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Fellowship Submission Process

Step 1: Choose your submission type

Choose between a professional paper submission option of exploratory, historical, or focus, or pursue a strategic business plan submission.

Need help choosing? Download the ACMPE Fellowship Submission Guide for full descriptions, guidelines and examples of the submission options.

Note: Unless your outline has been previously approved, applicants pursing Fellowship in 2019 will be required to submit a strategic business plan in place of the professional paper submission as part of the new Fellowship program enhancements.


Step 2: Submit your outline

Submit and receive approval for your professional paper outline. If you plan to create a business plan, please download and submit our business plan proposal for approval.

Send all submissions as a Word document attachment to

You will receive an email confirmation within one week that it has been received by the ACMPE Professional Papers Committee. You will receive feedback on your outline three to four weeks after submission.


Step 3: Complete your final paper

After receiving approval for your outline or business plan proposal, review all grading team feedback to assist in building your final submission. You have two years following your outline or proposal acceptance date to complete your final paper.

If your outline is not approved, coaching instructions and a peer assignment will be provided to help you prepare for resubmission. Though it is possible to be approved on your first submission, it is not the norm, so don’t be discouraged!

Step 4: Submit your final manuscript

Submit your final professional paper manuscript or business plan submission for approval.

If the ACMPE Professional Papers Committee does not approve your manuscript or business plan, it will share with you the scope of improvements needed. Use the constructive comments to improve the quality of your work and submit another draft.

Though it is possible to achieve final approval on a first draft with comments for the manuscript, authors often submit more than one draft.


The ACMPE Professional Papers Committee accepts outlines and manuscripts for review throughout the year between January-October. However, to be recognized as a new Fellow at the Convocation held in conjunction with the MGMA Annual Conference, you must submit your final manuscript or business plan for review no later than the deadline established each year.

You have two years from the date your outline or proposal is accepted to submit your manuscript. Otherwise, you must resubmit your outline or proposal to the committee chair for approval before you can submit your manuscript.

Recommended Outline Submission: May 6, 2018
Final Manuscript Due: July 20, 2018