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Fellowship Requirements

Demonstrate the skills and abilities that contribute to the advancement of medical practice leadership and the healthcare industry. Start your FACMPE pursuit by applying today.

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Steps to the FACMPE Credential

MGMA has introduced new Fellowship requirements in 2019. The new criteria includes new eligibility, professional submission, continuing education and volunteer hour enhancements.

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  • Hold a Master's degree with at least five years of healthcare experience, including two years in a leadership role.
  • Identify and submit a business plan proposal to address a relevant problem in healthcare which requires an innovative solution and is tied to the Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management.
  • After approval of your proposal, develop a strategic business plan for implementing an innovative solution to the chosen problem or issue. Business plan must meet approved format.
  • Complete six volunteer hours (Eligible hours start 30 days prior to your application acceptance date).

NOTE: All tasks must be completed within TWO years of your program acceptance date.
  • Submit 50 continuing education (CE) hours every three years.*
  • Complete six volunteer hours every three years.
  • Remain an MGMA member.

* Includes 30 hours from MGMA National, state or local
(Of the 30, 12 must be LIVE learning from MGMA National, state or local) and 20 from qualified sources that pertain to the medical practice management field or MGMA

Program Criteria

Education and experience eligibility

To participate in the Fellowship program candidates must either have a Bachelor’s degree AND seven years of healthcare experience, OR a Master’s degree AND five years of healthcare experience. At least two years of this experience must be in a leadership role.

Business plan proposals & submission deadlines

Fellows are thought leaders within healthcare organizations and should be able to demonstrate the ability to execute on dynamic solutions to business problems. In that spirit, we have phased out the professional paper submission and implemented the submission of innovative business plan. We believe this move will better support our Fellows to concretely demonstrate practical skills to current and potential employers.

The ACMPE Fellowship Submission Committee accepts submissions for review throughout the year. However, to be recognized as a new Fellow at the Convocation held in conjunction with the MGMA Annual Conference, you must submit your final business plan for review no later than the deadline established each year. You have two years from the date of application acceptance to submit your business plan. Otherwise, your application and progress will expire.
  • Recommended business plan proposal submission date: May 30, 2019
  • Final manuscript or business plan date: July 30, 2019

If you have an approved paper outline, you have two years from the acceptance date to complete the manuscript.

Volunteer hours

To showcase a commitment to their industry, Fellows will be required to complete six volunteer hours every three years. These hours must include three hours from healthcare related opportunities and three hours from community service.

Fellowship maintenance

Continuing education requirements

50 hours of continuing education is required every three years to remain a Fellow. To ensure the highest quality of education for our Fellows, we will require that the 50 hours of continuing education now include 30 hours from MGMA state and national learning, including at least 12 face-to-face hours. The remaining 20 hours may come from either MGMA or qualified outside sources. This will also apply to board certified members.

The current continuing education schedule to earn credit runs from Jan. 1, 2019 - Dec. 31, 2021.

Volunteer hours

To maintain your credential, Fellows will also be required to complete six volunteer hours every three years. These hours must include three hours from healthcare related opportunities and three hours from community service.

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