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Study Resources for Board Certification

Start the journey that will elevate your career. 

Congratulations! You've completed your application to become Board Certified. So, what's next? You've come to the right place for that next step. 

The following five resources help you prepare for your Board certification exams. Choose the format that best meets your learning style and get started, at your own pace.

1. Study Group Series

Free to all participants, the nine-part webinar study group series presents content that forms the blueprint for the certification exams.

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2. Body of Knowledge Review Series

This book series is intended to serve as a study guide for the ACMPE Board certification exams. It expands upon the framework of the Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management, enhancing the breadth of expertise that practice administrators need to succeed. These are available in book, ebook or buy both together. 

3. Exam Preparation Books

Want to see how you stack up? The ACMPE Certification Exam Workbook and online exam is an essential tool to confidently approach your exams. It guides you through sample questions with detailed answers created by exam preparation experts. 

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4. Board Certification and Fellowship Manual

The Board Certification and Fellowship Manual is your reference for details on the ACMPE advancement process and achieving the prestigious designations of Certified Medical Practice Executive (CMPE) and Fellow in ACMPE (FACMPE).

5. ACMPE Member Community

Subscribe to the ACMPE Member Community group to get study advice, ask exam questions and find a community of colleagues that will become a trusted source to help you navigate your career.