Traveling Bookstore and Exhibit Materials Information

Item: MGMA traveling bookstore and exhibit materials


State MGMA
  • State can leverage MGMA’s reputation
  • Increase state members’ knowledge of available resources
  • State members receive 20% off products purchased onsite
  • Exposure and awareness of products and/or services among state-only members
  • Revenue from sales


State MGMA
  • Assign someone to staff the table during breaks and lunch
  • Provide premium space
  • Return all books, tablecloth and materials in the same condition they were received
  • Provide all requested materials, tablecloth, books, ribbons and informational packets
  • Cover the cost of mailing materials both to and from the conference for one meeting per year per state


The MGMA traveling bookstore is a display of popular titles and references from MGMA materials such as books, surveys, tutorials and MGMA marketing resources. Along with the products, other available materials are an MGMA tablecloth for tabletop displays and ACMPE and Legislative Liaison ribbons. There is no obligation to have these materials for your state meetings. MGMA will pay for shipping once a year per state. Should you request these materials more than once, your state will be billed $100 or the cost of the roundtrip shipping, whichever is less.


  • Please make your request at least one month prior to your conference or program.
  • You will be notified via email with a verification form with ship dates, locations and contact information.
  • Materials are shipped to arrive three days prior to the conference.
  • Materials arrive with return shipping instructions and prepaid labels.
  • For questions or concerns with these items during your state meeting, contact Kiernan Henderson at khenderson@mgma.com or 877-275-6462, ext. 1572.
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