MGMA benchmarking report: Practice administrators in small medical groups report slight increase in compensation; compensation down for those in large groups

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. Aug. 29, 2012— Indicating a potential trend of the need for exemplary practice management in practices of all sizes, practice administrators in groups with seven to 25 full-time-equivalent (FTE) physicians reported median compensation of $120,486, an increase of 4.8 percent from 2010, according to the MGMA Management Compensation Survey: 2012 Report Based on 2011 Data. In groups of 26 or more FTE physicians, practice administrators reported a 2.8 percent decrease in median compensation. Administrators in practices with six or fewer FTE physicians earned $88,117 in median compensation.

When affiliated with the MGMA certification and Fellowship program, the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE), certified practice administrators (in groups with seven to 25 FTE physicians) reported greater median compensation compared with their peers who were not affiliated with ACMPE. Fellows and certified members of ACMPE earned $146,365 and $127,025, respectively, compared with $116,481 earned by those who are not certified.

“Strategic practice administration is now more important than ever, and a commitment to life-long learning through professional affiliations and credential programs are especially valuable to the health of the practice and the health of the practice administrator’s career,” said Susan Turney, MD, MS, FACP, FACMPE, MGMA president and CEO. “These professionals have access to up-to-date information and resources, as well as a network of peers to lean on to provide assistance and support in managing a practice.”

The survey report details compensation for 57 positions.This includes human resource executives, who reported median earnings of $100,565, operations managers, who reported median earnings of $64,364 and marketing and sales directors, who reported earnings of $69,661, among others.

The MGMA Management Compensation Survey: 2012 Report Based on 2011 Data includes data on 7,907 managers in 1,306 medical practices. The report contains expanded compensation graphs by geographic section. Compensation data can also be found by select single specialties, experience and education, and retirement contributions.

Note: MGMA surveys depend on voluntary participation and may not be representative of the industry. Readers are urged to review the entire survey report when making conclusions regarding trends or other observations.

Editorial copies of the report are available to qualifying media. Contact Liz Boten, media relations representative, at lboten@mgma.com to request a printed copy of the survey. Click here to purchase a copy of the report.

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