Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records - Transforming Your Medical Practice, second edition

Fortify your practice against failure and plan for the successful implementation of electronic health records (EHR).
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ISBN: 9781568293431

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While some electronic health record (EHR) implementations proceed on schedule with the team’s full participation and – seemingly – little effort, others flounder, stall or struggle, experiencing only limited success or, in extreme cases, no success at all. What accounts for the difference? Is it a problem with the people, the process or the EHR product? How are large-practice implementations different than small-practice ones? Written specifically for the medical practice setting, this book will serve as your guide as it takes you through the process of needs assessment, practice implementation, ongoing maintenance, and upgrades and enhancements. Includes updated ARRA/HITECH requirements and opportunities.

Easily put what you learn in the book to use with the corresponding Electronic Health Records 2nd Edition CD Tool Kit that includes 40 tools, charts, checklists and more.

 Electronic Health Records: Transforming Your Medical Practice, 2nd Edition

  • Chapter 1 — Step 1: Prepare for EHR
  • Chapter 2 — Step 2: Plan and Organize the EHR Project
  • Chapter 3 — Step 3: Understand How an EHR Impacts the Practice’s Workflows
  • Chapter 4 — Step 4: Determine the Practice’s EHR Functional Requirements
  • Chapter 5 — Step 5: Determine the Practice’s EHR Technical Requirements
  • Chapter 6 — Step 6: Select the Right EHR for the Practice
  • Chapter 7 — Step 7: Implement the EHR
  • Chapter 8 — Step 8: Ensure Adoption
  • Chapter 9 — Step 9: Maintain and Enhance
  • Chapter 10 — Step 10: Transform Clinical Care


Amatayakul's message to readers: “Don’t stall your deliberations until the last minute. Rushing causes errors in judgment and opens the door for significant miscalculations – resulting in lost time, money and resources.”  

“… Amatayakul has written the rare book that … [has] the recipe for success. Practices just beginning with EHRs, whether large or small – this is the only book you need. Practices that took shortcuts resulting in failed or struggling EHR implementations will be well served by reviewing this book. … By following this sensible step-by-step approach, complete with checklists and sample documents, your practice will not only achieve the mandated goals of 'meaningful use', but will receive additional benefits from EHRs as an integral component of value-based care …” 

 – Maryanne Colter
 IT Business Consultant and Certified Management Coach

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