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Boost your revenue cycle and accounts receivable (A/R) performance with help from MGMA. You'll discover ways to take control of billing collections, claims, reporting, charge capture and entry and more. 

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Articles and blogs

7-point checklist to prepare for payer negotiations

3 ways to prepare for value-based contracts

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Books and Survey Reports

MGMA Cost and Revenue Survey - The report includes practice data by full-time-equivalent (FTE) physician, provider, total or work RVUs, patients and square footage, as well as complete data on staffing ratios and costs. 
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The Physician Billing Process: 12 Potholes to Avoid in the Road to Getting Paid, 2nd edition
Streamline your billing office to ensure your practice collects every penny it is owed. This book offers practical tools and advice regarding translating payer denials, sample appeal letters, revenue cycle organization and leading performance indicators for staff.

Get the Money in the Door: Physician Billing Basics
This book features 25 case studies of medical practices and how they handled various insurance billing hurdles, as well as advice on how to integrate all medical staff members into the revenue cycle.

Medical Office Billing: A Self-Study Training Manual
A self-training manual that covers all aspects of medical office billing, including sections on government insurance billing, a list of key terms and a free CD-ROM with more than 50 practice tests. Use this during training for your billing office staff.

Body of Knowledge Review Series, 2nd edition, Financial Management
This book is dedicated to reviewing each task associated within the Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management Second Edition's Financial Management domain, which like the other seven Body of Knowledge domains, demands an orientation toward and the mastery of leadership skills, professionalism, communication and critical thinking skills.

Tools and Research

Tips for collecting at the time of service

Printable billing process checklist   

How to select a billing service

Search Collections/Profit Recovery and Revenue Cycle Management in the Online Buyer's Guide

MGMA Executive Partner Resources

  • ICD-10 Hub: A free educational website devoted to making physician practices’ transitions to ICD-10 easier.  Courtesy of Navicure.
  • ICD-10 Analyzer: A complimentary online tool that enables medical billers to identify the ICD-9 codes that will most impact a user’s payer reimbursement and suggest corresponding ICD-10 codes.  Courtesy of Navicure.


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