MGMA Organizational Membership Packages

Improve your organization’s bottom line with an MGMA Organizational Membership Package

What is an MGMA Organizational Membership Package?

MGMA Organizational Membership Packages are group membership options that combine a variety of MGMA products and services into multi-user membership packages that benefit individuals across your entire organization.

Who benefits?

Medical practice managers, billing and coding personnel, physicians, administrative personnel, directors, clinic leaders, chief executive officers, chief financial officers, accountants, HR, legal, vice presidents, and many others.

Why should you join MGMA on an organizational level?

  • Easily improve staff competency and stay current via unlimited online education options that help standardize education levels across your entire organization.
  • Receive current legislative updates to modify your organization’s processes and procedures.
  • Drive business improvements by using MGMA’s cost and compensation benchmarking data as part of your performance models. 
  • Take advantage of the savings an MGMA organizational membership can provide.

MGMA Organizational Membership Packages connect your entire organization to a world of resources that deliver results. Navigate the information below to discover additional benefits.

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Strive to raise the bar within your organization.

MGMA offers a wide variety of professional development courses and online education formats for all experience levels.


Explore which MGMA Organizational Membership Package works best for your organization. 

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Cut down on legislative update meetings and spend less time reading bulletins each month.

MGMA provides your organization with several accessible online solutions and newsletters to stay up to date on legislative and policy changes.


Explore which MGMA Organizational Membership Package works best for your organization.  See all packages

Are you and your staff as proficient as you’d like in all areas of practice management?

Take advantage of practical tools, checklists and current industry information that deliver the latest industry trends and solutions for your organization. Attend MGMA conferences and connect with peers by participating in online communities to identify solutions, gain insight and more.


Explore which MGMA Organizational Membership Package works best for your organization.  See all packages

Cut costs, drive improvements, and hire and retain quality staff by utilizing MGMA cost and compensation benchmarking data.

Easily analyze your business performance against similar organizations by reviewing key performance indicators of physician/staff compensation plans and expense allocations.


Explore which MGMA Organizational Membership Package works best for your organization.  See all packages

MGMA Organizational Memberships include benefits suited for your entire organization:

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Organizational Membership

Organizational Membership
+ Data

Organizational Membership
+ Education

Organizational Membership
Only Package

Membership Community access
Peer-to-peer networking and discussion in a non-competitive setting

Exclusive electronic industry publications
MGMA Connection magazine, MGMA Washington Connection e-newsletter, MGMA In Practice Blog, Executive View and more

Online practice management solutions and tools
In the areas of business operations, compensation, human resources, organizational governance, patient care, quality management tools and more

Discounts on books, surveys and education in the MGMA Store
20% to 70% savings on items in the online MGMA Store

Knowledge center advisors
Industry experts on hand to answer all of your medical practice management questions

Benchmarking data points
Up to three cost or compensation data points from the MGMA Data Solutions experts, free of charge 

Webinars and expert advice on legislative and regulatory issues
Frequent policy updates and free or discounted access to specialized legislative update focused webinars

Access to ACMPE certification programs
Tools and Resources to achieve the CMPE certification through the ACMPE

Volunteer network
Experience the satisfaction of giving back to your profession when you share your talents and time in our 500-strong volunteer network.

MGMA AdminiServe Partner Network®
Special, member-exclusive discounts offered by peer-screened medical practice management solution providers

Unlimited access to all MGMA Webinars for entire organization
Covering topics such as ICD-10, HIPAA, compliance, e-health systems, patient flow, RVUs, the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, medical coding and more


Unlimited access to all self-study online courses for entire organization
Covering topics such as financial management, internal control and cash flow, revenue cycle and more

Unlimited access to MGMA DataDive™ and survey products for entire organization

Physician compensation, cost and revenue, procedural profile, state salary and more

Allotment of MGMA Annual Conference registrations (varies by tier)

Opportunity to engage and learn with other MGMA members, vendors and industry leaders