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MGMA has both state and local chapters throughout the United States

These chapters provide additional networking, educational and volunteer opportunities. The chapters are affiliates of the national organization. Therefore, membership at the national level does not indicate membership at the state or local level, and vice versa.

Join your state and/or local chapter. Please visit their website to learn more.

Alabama MGMA
Alaska MGMA
Arizona MGMA
Arkansas MGMA
California MGMA
Colorado MGMA
Connecticut MGMA
Delaware MGMA
Florida MGMA
Georgia MGMA
Hawaii MGMA
Idaho MGMA

Illinois MGMA
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Kansas MGMA 
Kentucky MGMA
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Maine MGMA
Maryland MGMA
Rhode Island MGMA

Michigan MGMA 
Minnesota MGMA

Mississippi MGMA
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Montana MGMA
Nebraska MGMA
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New York MGMA
North Carolina MGMA
North Dakota MGMA

Oklahoma MGMA
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Pennsylvania MGMA
South Carolina MGMA
South Dakota MGMA
Tennessee MGMA
Texas MGMA
Utah MGMA 
Vermont MGMA
Virginia MGMA
Washington MGMA
Wisconsin MGMA
West Virginia MGMA
Wyoming MGMA

If you have questions regarding your state organization’s relationship with MGMA, please contact Catherine Hackney at 877.275.6462 ext. 1572 or .

Congratulations to our State Participation Rewards Program Winners

CongratulationsFor the 2014 Physician Compensation and Production Survey:
Kentucky and Alaska
For the 2014 Cost Survey:
Georgia and Michigan

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