Refer a Member Program

Gain the satisfaction of helping others and strengthening MGMA by referring your colleagues today!

We want your friends and colleagues to discover MGMA, and who better to tell them about the benefits of membership than a member! 

Here are the top 10 MGMA members that have recruited the most new members so far this year:

  • Maria Lynn Sullivan
  • Michael Fisher
  • Nick Onnembo
  • Paul Christy
  • Philip Decker
  • Stephen Bowman
  • Nathan Ho
  • Olivia Yates
  • Darlene Simon
  • Mike MacKinnon

Join your peers and submit a referral today. Be sure to ask your colleague to mention your name when they join so you get credit for the referral.

Refer a Member

Join our 2014 Refer a Member contest winner Nancy Hardies as an advoacte for sharing MGMA membership and growing the medical practice managment peer network.

"I think it is a high quality organization. They provide education and also allow opportunities to share information." Nancy Hardies, Metropolitan Pediatrics, Portland, OR.


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