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MGMA Electronic Advertising

Target local and broad audiencesElectronic advertising

Through various electronic advertising options, you can showcase your message to a broad audience of MGMA members and customers throughout the country, or target your audience based on geographic location or medical specialty. Stay top of mind with MGMA members and customers by delivering your message via run-of-site banner ads on mgma.org or the MGMA Career Center and our newly redesigned eNewsletter.


MGMA.org advertising options

Build brand awareness, generate leads and drive traffic to your website with the perfect call to action through web advertising on mgma.org, the No. 1 information resource for MGMA members.The MGMA.org recieves 5.6 million page views annually with 59,000 unique visitors per month on average.

  • Run-of-site rectangle (300x250): Rotates on the right-hand column between more than 70 pages on mgma.org. (1)
  • Large banner (728x90)*: Rotates between MGMA article pages and the MGMA Connection Plus. (2)

*mgma.org is a responsive website and your ad will scale to the correct size on different electronic devices. Because of this, your leaderboard web banner must be provided in the additional sizes: 546x64 and 310x85.

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MGMA DataDive Sponsorship option

Align your brand with MGMA industry-leading benchmark data. Sponsor an ad that appears prominently within MGMA's most popular data product, MGMA DataDive™, which averages more than 3,000 visitors per month! Select the data set that's most relevant to your target audience and have your brand's logo active within MGMA DataDive™ for three years.

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Geotargeting options

Geotargeting allows you to reach web browsers in specific geographic locations throughout the United States. Eliminate unnecessary impressions for a greater return on your investment by utilizing this run-of-site advertising feature that allows you to target locally.

Rich media options

Enhance your display ads to effectively engage MGMA website visitors. The following options rotate among more than 70 pages on the website:

  • Ad peel-down (300 x 250)
  • Ad video (300 x 250)


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MGMA Newsletter

MGMA's e-newsletter is delivered twice per month directly to the inbox of MGMA members and customers, providing updates on industry hot topics and trends that affect all areas of medical practice management. Reach medical practice professionals in all types of practice settings, from single-specialty and multispecialty groups to academic-based health systems. Click the image to the right to view a full version sample of the eNewsletter.

MGMA eNewsletter stats

  • Leaderboard banner ad - exclusive (600x74)*
  • Standard banner ad - Three ads available per newsletter (600x74)*


*You may also provide a standard web banner (728x90) that will be scaled down to the correct size of 600x74.

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MGMA Member Community banner adsMember Community ad

The MGMA Member Community is a popular networking resource that includes more than 70 discussion forums designed to connect MGMA members with similar interests and job functions. Discussion forum participants include highly involved members who visit and contribute frequently.

Place your banner ad on one of many medical specialty and topic-specific discussion forums to reach your target audience. Banner ads will appear on each individual post.

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MGMA webinar sponsorship

Sponsored MGMA webinars give select business partners the opportunity to present information to a targeted audience of medical practice and health system leaders while also offering solutions to the challenges of running an efficient and on demand.

Sponsoring a webinar is a great way to be seen as an industry expert on today’s hottest topics in medical group practice. Webinars are typically 60 to 90 minutes and offered live and on demand.

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