Cost, Revenue and Staffing Surveys

Cost and Revenue Survey Report

The MGMA Cost survey report delivers the most current and trusted cost, revenue and staffing data for medical practice management. Comparing your practice’s data to benchmarks in this report will help you identify areas to improve your revenue cycle management, lower your costs and optimize staffing.

This report includes:

  • Complete data on medical staffing ratios and costs
  • Medical revenue, total operating costs, revenue after operating costs, provider cost and net practice income or loss
  • Accounts receivable, payer mix and collection percentages
  • Financial ratios
  • Productivity data
  • Revenue from hospital subsidies
  • Key findings for hospital-owned and not-hospital-owned practices


DataDive 2013

DataDive 2013: Cost and Revenue Module

Includes data on single specialty and multispecialty practices.
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CD version

Cost Survey 2013 Interactive Report Based on 2012 Data CD Single User

Cost and Revenue Interactive CD Based on 2012 Data

Includes data on single specialty and multispecialty practices. 

Printed versions


Cost and revenue Smart Modules give you targeted data cuts from the MGMA Cost Survey

Video: Find out how a better-performing practice plans and justifies expansion and staffiing efficiencies:




What our survey users say:

“Managing, measuring and improving our practice is a daily challenge. Utilizing the data in the MGMA Cost Survey Report allows me to make accurate comparisons to similar practices and gauge our performance. Having peer data to benchmark against, coupled with our own comparisons, provides valuable information for improvement in multiple areas, including efficiency, productivity, expenses and even staffing. The data is useful in either confirming my own findings or enlightening me as to which areas are weak as well as those that are strong.”

– Jeremy Mitchell
CopperView Medical Center


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