Survey Participation Resources

You must be logged in to your MGMA account on to start your survey. (You do not need to be a member to create an account.) Once the surveys are open, go to your data homepage and click the Participate button; then complete your Practice Profile and select the survey you wish to begin. To help you prepare beforehand, we've created the documents below:

2017 Participation Benefits

2017 Excel Survey Help

2017 Frequently Asked Questions

Expanding Item - View More Survey Question Checklists: Review the survey questions to begin gathering data

Expanding Item - View More Survey Guides: View survey questions and definitions

Expanding Item - View More Surveys 101: How to Participate in Under Two Hours Email Series: Catch up on our new email series

Expanding Item - View More Suggested Sources to Complete MGMA Surveys: See what reports are typically needed to fill out a survey

Expanding Item - View More Change Notices: View changes made to the 2017 surveys 


2017 Survey Participation Map by State

Select a pin on the map below to view current participation counts by state. The Management and Staff Compensation count includes the number submitted for both the MGMA 2017 Management and Staff Survey and the MGMA 2017 State Salary Survey.

Miscellaneous Documents:


MGMA 2017 Compensation Surveys are open!

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