Provider Compensation and Production Data

If you're looking for reliable and comprehensive physician and nonphysician medical provider compensation data, look no further.

MGMA reports the benchmarking data results of the Provider Compensation and Production Survey in various formats, including a printed report and the web-based application MGMA DataDive. 

For decades, MGMA has provided the medical industry with physician compensation data and reports that support solid decisions and deliver operational adjustments to help attract and retain physicians and nonphysician providers.

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MGMA DataDive

MGMA DataDive Provider Compensation includes all data sets in one package:

  • Physician and nonphysician provider compensation and production
  • Academic faculty compensation and production
  • Medical directorship compensation
  • On-call compensation
  • Physician placement starting salaries

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Member Review:

Bodager, Rich“The productivity and compensation survey [report] helps my doctors understand what similar groups around the country are doing and how they compare. It helps them with expectations of compensation and how productive they are or can be. In many cases it has helped us keep and retain physicians.”

Richard Bodager, CPA, FACMPE
Executive Director/CEO
Southern Oregon Cardiology, LLC , Medford, Ore.