Cost and Revenue Data

MGMA cost and revenue benchmarking data are must-have management tools for your organization.

MGMA reports the benchmarking data results of the Cost and Revenue Survey in various formats, including a printed report and the web-based platform MGMA DataDive.

This practice-level benchmarking data allows you to identify areas in which you can improve your revenue cycle management, lower costs and optimize staffing models. Save money, run a more efficient practice and have peace of mind knowing that your decisions are backed by industry-leading data.

For more information on the differences between report formats, see below.


MGMA DataDive

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Printed report



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Member Review:

“Managing, measuring and improving our practice is a daily challenge. Utilizing the data in the MGMA Cost Survey Report allows me to make accurate comparisons to similar practices and gauge our performance. Having peer data to benchmark against, coupled with our own comparisons, provides valuable information for improvement in multiple areas, including efficiency, productivity, expenses and even staffing. The data is useful in either confirming my own findings or enlightening me as to which areas are weak as well as those that are strong.”

Jeremy Mitchell
CopperView Medical Center