Management and Staff Compensation Data

Use credible management compensation benchmark data to move the discussion from opinion to fact.

MGMA reports the benchmarking data results of the Management and Staff Compensation Survey in various formats, including a printed report and the web-based application MGMA DataDive.

Use MGMA's robust and reliable management and support staff compensation data to move the discussion from opinion to fact and avoid losing food people over compensation issues. 

For more information on the differences between report formats, see below.


MGMA DataDive

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Member Review:

“On an annual basis, I refer to the current MGMA Management Compensation Survey [Report], which allows me to drill down to specific leadership title, education level, MGMA membership and even ACMPE status to assess and justify both my compensation package and other members of the management team. As a Fellow in the American College of Medical Professional Executives, I feel the MGMA Surveys are an invaluable tool to guide and lead physicians and management working in the business of healthcare.”

Maggie Iverson, MBA, FACMPE