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Trusted and reliable data that helps you and your practice thrive.

Put these MGMA benchmark reports to work for you to develop equitable compensation plans, assess your organization’s current performance, identify areas where you can improve and establish a periodic review process for evaluating and improving your practice on an ongoing basis.

Choose a report:
Physician Compensation and Production Cost, Revenue and Staffing Academic Practice Compensation and Production
Cost and Revenue Module for Integrated Delivery Systems Best Practices of Successful Medical Groups MGMA DataDive
Medical Management Compensation MGMA Survey Data Custom Analysis Medical Directorship and On-Call Compensation
Physician Placement Starting Salary Procedural Profile Module Specialty-Specific Cost Reports
State Salary Modules    

We offer reports in the following formats:


Printed books

  8609 - Medical Directorship and On Call Compensation 2013 Survey

Online DataDive reports

8606 - DataDive 2013 Academic Compensation and Production Module


MGMA benchmarking reports give you the information and insights you are looking for.

Answer your biggest challenges in medical practice management, including: 

  • Establishing and maintaining competitive and equitable physician salaries
  • Managing costs
  • Optimizing staffing levels
  • Managing finances (including accounts receivables)
  • Ensuring competitive medical director and on-call pay
  • Hiring new physicians
  • And much more




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