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Important changes to DataDive for 2017:

MGMA DataDive: MGMA DataDive is no longer being sold as individual products in the store. To order MGMA DataDive products, please complete and submit the form on this page and an MGMA representative will reach out to you shortly.

Printed Data Reports: If you're looking for printed data reports, those will still be available in the MGMA store.

We want to make sure all of your data needs are taken care of! Thank you for your patience during this transition.

What is MGMA DataDive?

Align your goals with the most trusted benchmarking data in the industry with MGMA DataDive! What is MGMA DataDive, you ask? Well, MGMA DataDive is a web-based platform that contains powerful, reliable cost and compensation benchmarking data coupled with robust reporting and analysis tools that will help you identify where to focus your improvement efforts. Basically, it’s a user-friendly, easily accessible tool that makes you look like a data analysis rock star.

  • Quickly access data on your phone, tablet or computer
  • Develop custom tables, charts and reports to present your results in a visually engaging format
  • Trend up to five years of cost and compensation data
  • Unlimited, simultaneous access for multiple users within the organization
  • Independent access or individuals working on multifaceted projects

What do you get with MGMA DataDive? Good question! MGMA DataDive includes:

  • Specialty-specific data that you can simultaneously compare across multiple regions or categories
  • Filtering options to drill down to a specific data characteristic, such as ownership or job title, to analyze practice-specific data
  • Physician-owned and hospital-owned data
  • The ability to apply multiple filters at once
  • Five years of trend data to determine if you are on track
  • PDF export for easy use in reports and presentations
  • Excel export for more in-depth analysis
  • Statistically relevant data percentile options between 10% and 90% for detailed custom analysis
  • The option to add your own practice’s data for side-by-side comparison

View a chart of MGMA DataDive benefits and features by license type and participation.

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PC MGMA DataDive Provider Compensation

When you’re armed with comprehensive compensation data, you can make solid decisions and recommendations that will help you attract and retain physicians and nonphysician providers, offer competitive plans and benefits, and effectively evaluate performance.


  • Physician and nonphysician provider compensation and production
  • Academic provider compensation and production
  • Medical directorship compensation
  • On-call compensation
  • Physician placement starting salaries
  • Pay to Production Plotter
  • Quartile Tool

Note: The printed report will be available in May 2017 (sold separately).

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MC MGMA DataDive Management & Staff Compensation

Easily deliver credible management and staff compensation benchmarks to move a discussion from opinion to fact and avoid arguments or losing good people over compensation issues. Evaluate and adjust current management compensation and benefits to attract and retain the highest-quality individuals.


  • Management positions including breakouts for executive level, senior management and general management positions
  • Staff positions including breakouts for specialists, supervisors and support staff positions
  • State salary for administrative and clinical staff

Note: The printed report will be available in June 2017 (sold separately).

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CR MGMA DataDive Cost and Revenue

MGMA cost and revenue data is an invaluable management tool for your organization. Compare your practice against financial metrics and best practices to stay in line with your expense budget, plus easily show your physicians or board of directors the effectiveness of your management processes.


  • Single- and multi-specialty practice data broken out by specialty
  • Data filters including organization ownership, geographic region, demographic classification and size of practice
  • Multiple data cuts including per FTE physician, as a percentage of total medicine revenue, per RVU, per patient, per encounter
  • Expense and revenue metrics to determine profitability
  • Staffing ratios, accounts receivable and payer mix
  • Quartile Tool

Note: The printed report will be available in July 2017 (sold separately).

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POPs NEW MGMA DataDive Practice Operations

The first of its kind, practice operations data represents information provided from varying practice types including both physician- and hospital-owned practices broken out by practice specialty type. The analyses were created to help industry professionals evaluate and understand how operational metrics may influence practice success!


  • Hours of operation and patient access
  • Physician-administrator dyad
  • Appointment availability
  • Wait times, no shows, call volume
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Billing and claims processed data
  • Encounters coding and processing data
  • Turnover
  • Provider and employee satisfaction surveys
  • Employee benefits offered

Note: The printed report will be available in August 2017 (sold separately).

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All Surveys MGMA DataDive All Surveys

This special package includes Provider Compensation, Management and Staff Compensation, Cost and Revenue and Practice Operations data. Stay in line with your expense budget while offering the most competitive compensation plans with this compendium of MGMA DataDive tools. This package of top MGMA DataDive products arms you with the full array of data to identify needs and your better-performing areas.


  • 2017 MGMA DataDive Provider Compensation
  • 2017 MGMA DataDive Management and Staff Compensation
  • 2017 MGMA DataDive Cost and Revenue
  • 2017 MGMA DataDive Practice Operations

Note: The printed reports will be available May-August 2017 (sold separately).

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