Business of Care Delivery

MGMA 2014 Business of Care Delivery Conference

Thank you to everyone who attended the MGMA 2014 Business of Care Delivery Conference in Orlando, Fla.

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Access all of the conference handouts including speaker presentations, the attendee roster and credit hour forms.

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Session recordings

Session recordings will be available approximately one month after the conference. Attendees will receive an email with a link to the recordings. The recordings will also be available from the conference handouts page.

Additional resources

Check out additional MGMA resources related to the business of care delivery.

The Business of Care Delivery - MGMA Connection special editorial issue

This special publication discusses an array of administrative processes that affect the quality of patient care, from health information exchanges to patient portals to group visits to no-show fees. There's a plethora of information about how practice administrators enhance patient experience and the quality of care.

Access the issue

NPP Utilization in the Future of U.S. Healthcare - An exclusive MGMA research and analysis report

Medical practices are increasingly using nonphysician providers (NPPs) as a solution to the physician shortage and the influx of new patients resulting from the Affordable Care Act. Access this free report to determine whether NPPs are right for your practice. Learn about the role of NPPs, their scope of practice and the settings in which they work.

Download the report

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