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When faced with a practice-based problem or issue they aren't quite sure how to solve, many MGMA members turn to their peers on the MGMA Member Community. Sometimes, though, a complex issue – like implementing and using an electronic health record or tweaking physician compensation plans – needs in-depth information that only a book can provide.

We recently took some of our bestsellers out into the world for a photo shoot (see above slideshow). And now we're giving you the chance to show off your copies of these or other MGMA and ACMPE books in our MGMA and ACMPE members' Flickr Group.

Do you have these books on your bookshelf? Snap a quick photo of you and your edition, then upload it to Flickr and add it to our Flickr group.

If you'd rather not join Flickr, send your pictures to and we'll post them for you. We're looking forward to seeing your pictures!

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